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Right Where I Need To Be



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Sometimes the love of your life isn’t the one you expect, but he’s the one you need.

Cass Jensen needs an actor for her made for TV movie. The previous actor dropped out, leaving her stranded. Her savior shows up looking sinfully sexy and totally right for the part, but what part is she auditioning him for? Her movie or her bed?

Logan Malone needs an acting job and fast. With his string of broken hearts, his professional life lies in shambles. To resurrect his career, he must audition for a television role which could be the job of a lifetime. That is, if he can work with distraction and Cass is a major distraction with a heart of gold. Is their budding relationship enough to survive separation, lies, and a couple zany fans?

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Logan’s hand caressed her shoulder.

“Can I help you finish? You and your friend should be sipping margaritas and ordering the lawn boy around, not sweating yourselves to death.”

     She raised her brows. “You thought being a movie star meant you were entitled, that’s what.”

      A wolfish grin curled his lips. Flecks of gold lit his hazel eyes, sending a fresh rush of lust to her core. He leaned in very close to her ear. “Maybe.”

      She took a fortifying breath and fought the urge to taste him. Damn that cologne. Her heart skipped a beat. She donned her  best sultry smile. Two could play his game. “Really?”

      He nodded. She licked her dry lips. How could one man be so irritating and damn sexy at the same time? She scooted close enough so her bare knee brushed against his denim-clad thigh. Firm muscles without an ounce of fat. Ooh. “Do you want to explore?”


      Cass took his hand, teasing his palm with her fingers and caressing the creases in his skin. His voice went from friendly to sexy in an instant, making her thighs quiver with excitement. “Cass.”

      “Yes.” She bit her bottom lip and filled his hand.  “Okay. Explore to your little heart’s content.”

      His eyes opened wide before he scrunched his brows. “Keys?”

      Cass grinned. “Yep.” His blank expression turned into a frown. “For what?”

     She patted his thigh and stood up. “The mower. Tell me when you finish. I’ve got an acre in the back that’s got your name on it.”


"Wendi Zwaduk’s, debut novel heats up the pages with a spicy plot, steamy love scenes, and a smokin’-hot male lead!"  ~ Debbie Alferio, Romance Author


"Right Where I need To Be is a love story with lots of heart. Seductive and steamy, I was drawn in from the very first word. Wendi Zwaduk has created likable characters, with a hero to die for. I want to know where I’d find a Logan Malone of my own!" ~ Kiss Carson, Romance Author

"Wendi Zwaduk has given us the absolutely classic romance novel in Right Where I Need To Be.

The charming, handsome hero, Logan Malone (okay, forget handsome, he’s actually red-hot…) is also a successful star, although he has a rather endearing touch of self-doubt. The heroine, Cass, is also full of splendid emotional strife, and the perfect pair engage in an early self-struggle to develop trust in one another. Both are attracted from the first, yet neither would have believed it of the other.

Neither of the main characters is exactly as the other perceives, as is often the case in this type of romance. The challenge of course is the predictability; Ms. Zwaduk just manages to avoid this trap by focusing readers so completely on the inner turmoil of both Logan and then Cass. We’re caught rooting for them, even though we do see and believe so well in the doubts each of them suffers. There are good reasons for the worries, as shown in moments of memory, and in some interaction with others. Cass has a tough personality; she’s determined, even when events make her sad…while Logan seems the closer to defeat, and we will so long for her to reach out to him.

Past events and character history crop up from time to time, but bring so much emotional angst that they slide into the picture without even momentarily slowing the action; in fact, the past often heightens the tension.

Though the emotions can get intense, there is also subtle humor throughout. Cass‘s comments, especially, often include a quip or wry statement. It’s always just the right seasoning to lighten the feeling and brighten the dialogue from time to time. The Hollywood-esque world of casting, photo shoots, scripts and bling-lifestyles (not to mention love scenes) evokes a wonderful aura. We struggle to sense whether Logan and Cass can find a true connection among many light or meaningless relationships, and whether or not they can even manage to truly communicate with so many distractions around them.

Things only become more complicated as we go forward, as it takes quite a cast of characters to complete all the action in
Right Where I Need to Be. Secondary characters, from Nikita at the casting to Dex the ex, are well-developed and interesting. Even relatively minor roles, such as support characters like Darrell, show a measure of human believability.

Fans of the hot and zippy romance won’t be disappointed in this super new novel. Ms. Zwaduk gets to things like ‘innermost desires' with the speed of light: never mind waiting to be hooked by the first chapter, readers will be thoroughly engaged by the end of the first couple pages."    ~~ Snapdragon from Long and Short of It Reviews


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