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When the rest of the world crumbles and fails, you have me.

     Kynan Laing gave up his mortal soul to the will of the Sources, the ancient beings in charge of the universe. With the sensual grace and speed in his vampire form, he serves in his role as a Protector for the Supernatural world. But the impending war between the Supers and Hunters is heating up. The woman he’s charged to protect is all grown up and everything he wants. Can he keep his heart under wraps while keeping her safe?  

     Alexa Mercury doesn’t know why she’s supposed to trust the vampire, but she does. Even when she pushed him away, Kynan watches over her. She craves him like no other, even if he is a Supernatural creature of the night. When circumstances beyond her control force them together, Lexa will have to decide whether to offer her heart to the vampire or risk her very soul.


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“Kynan.” His name came out in a whisper. She opened her eyes. It was time for a reunion.

“Kynan?” Vanessa snorted. “What are you talking about?”

“You called me.” Kynan stood in the doorway to her bedroom. His button-down shirt molded to his chiseled chest. His blue eyes glittered and a smile curled on his lips. He crossed the room to where she sat and dropped to his knees. “Hello, Beautiful.”

Vanessa slapped Lexa’s shoulder. “Please tell me this is the guy you had on the side.” She offered her hand. “My name is Vanessa, I’m her roommate. I can lock my door, I’m discreet, and I sure hope you’ve got a brother.”

Lexa allowed herself to breathe. Dante left without much of a fight, which unnerved her. Kynan appeared just as he’d said. He relieved her. She rose to her feet and balled her hands. Don’t reach for him. Don’t let him know she still loved him.

“I’ve got…something to do.” Vanessa jumped up and slipped past Lexa to her room. “I’ll have my music on. Good night, Kynan.”

Kynan watched Vanessa leave the room. His smile widened. “I take it you haven’t told her about me?”

“You didn’t exactly come up in conversation.” Not often and never by name. She shivered and her nipples beaded beneath her bra. The man embodied sex and sin. From his ebony hair drooped over his forehead, to his toned legs and all the sexy muscled male in between…he oozed power. Would he be interested in the sexual games she played? Would he be willing to dominate her? He’d been hidden for so long, she wondered if he even cared about her.

“You’re thinking too hard.” He took both her balled hands in his. “Breathe, Lex. The monster is gone.” He kissed her knuckles and led her back to the bedroom. “I’ve missed you.”

The monster was gone? Wasn’t he a monster, too? She shook her head. At least the vampire before her cared about her. Caring was better than nothing. 


"Don't let the small page count fool you. It may be short, but I found it satisfying. You get the right amount of story and character detail. This quickie into the supernatural offers danger, sexy vampires, and some steamy play scenes. I highly recommend this sexy short." ~ Steph​anie ~ Wicked Reads ~ Rated 4 stars
‘I loved every single page of this book (You Have Me). I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next in the series!” ~ Alpha Book Club