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When the broken road leads you home, we will find each other.

Dare Evans left the small town of Kenton for the bright lights of Hollywood. The moment he climbed on the plane, he missed his college sweetheart. Coming home was always in the cards and a chance sighting is the catalyst he needs. But he’s not alone.

Liam Turner never thought he’d find love so soon after his divorce, but then came Dare. He’s in love and the happiest of his life—but he’s a secret. Dare, the hottest man in the movies, isn’t supposed to be married and certainly not to Liam. Liam’s learned to live with the charade because he knows Dare’s heart…that is until he finds out about Sarah.

Sarah Morrison wants nothing more than to teach at the college, raise her son and live her life. Celebrity was never in her cards. Then Dare and Liam walked back into Kenton. She never forgot Dare…or as she knew him, Daryl. He’s been the only one for her. When she meets Liam, her thoughts change. What if Liam could be the one? What if both men could be? Is she strong enough to withstand the bright lights of fame intruding on her existence?

Can these three people find a way to be together when the rest of the world says they should be apart? When the past joins the present to make a future, love is possible.



“We knew you were here.” Daryl eased up to her and toyed with a hank of her hair. “I’ve wanted to see you again for the last seventeen years.”

He had? “Why didn’t you?” she asked.

“Because I was ashamed.” Daryl curled the chunk of her hair around his fingers. “I didn’t make it big like you said I would. Not right away and I was ashamed. I couldn’t come back and proclaim my triumph in California when there wasn’t any. I thought you’d laugh or say you’d told me so. God knows Lyndy did.”

Of course. Her former friend had only wanted Daryl because she thought he’d be rich and she wanted money. Sarah had to be honest with him. “I wouldn’t have thought less of you.” She rested her head against his chest. “I missed you.” She winced. By admitting that, she’d opened the wound up again. Christ, she was sad…but they were together. Even if only for a short time, she had a second chance with the man she’d once loved.

Daryl wound his arms around her. “I missed you too and I truly couldn’t get you out of my system.” He tipped her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. “You’re one in a million, Sarah.” He brushed his lips over hers.

Tingles shot around her body. She’d missed the passion in his gaze and the tenderness in his touch. She sucked on his tongue. Holy hell, the man was intoxicating.

Daryl broke away first. “I need you,” he murmured. “Always have.”

She nodded. Common sense said she should leave and keep her heart from being hurt again. But she’d missed Daryl too much. The old feelings hadn’t died. They’d just been buried deep in her soul. A thought occurred to her. “What about Liam?”

Her pussy clenched. Part of her wanted to be with just Daryl, but the rest of her wanted the attention of both men. She’d never slept with two men at one time. She trusted Daryl to be tender and swore her gut feeling about Liam being the same was right. Good God. She had to be crazy. Not having sex in the last year must’ve messed with her judgment.

“He won’t touch you if you don’t want him to,” Daryl said. He caressed her cheek. “We want to make you happy. To make you fly.”

“What if I want him to? I want both of you to…make me fly.” 


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